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Celebrate with Achievements

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We’ve got a whole new way to celebrate our community and all their awesome contributions. Now, members can earn new badges and reach new milestones when they write reviews and upload photos—something to say thanks for helping travelers have better trips. Head to your Achievements page to check it out or learn more below.

Hit milestones as you help travelers

Image of three milestone modules showing different states atop a green background
Reach milestones by writing reviews, uploading photos, and getting views on your posts.

Share your tips, pics, and trip stories to unlock new milestones—the more you share, the more milestones (and travelers!) you reach.

Image of reviews milestone module at a beginner state
Image of reviews milestone module at an advanced state
On your Achievements page, your milestones update as you contribute more.

Go from a First-timer (for your first review) all the way up to a Superstar (for your 100th). The stops in between are cause for celebration, too.

Show off your passions with badges

Image of three affinity badge illustrations atop a yellow background
Earn badges in subcategories across Hotels, Restaurants, and Things to Do.

Get rewarded for the things you’re passionate about (like cute B&Bs or fancy restaurants) with badges. Stick to your strong suits or try to collect ‘em all–that’s the fun part.

Image of a locked affinity badge
Image of an in progress affinity badge
Image of a completed affinity badge
Your badges move through locked, in-progress, and earned on your Achievements page.

There’s a badge for every type of traveler, from Luxury Seekers to Nature Guides (you can be both, too). They’re meant to be shown off—they let other travelers know they can trust your guidance.

Your journey starts here

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Go to your Achievements page to get started or see your latest progress.