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Manchester Christmas Market
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Matthew J
Par Matthew J
déc. 2021
J'ai visité les marchés de Noël de Manchester il y a quelques jours. J'ai déjà visité les marchés (en 2018) et je les ai appréciés alors, j'ai donc décidé de revenir. Mon expérience globale était plutôt bonne. J'ai regardé cette page TripAdvisor et je suis un peu confus quant à la multitude de critiques négatives. Bien qu'ils ne soient pas du même calibre que les marchés de Noël allemands, ils étaient variés et m'ont vraiment plongé dans l'esprit de Noël. Il y a énormément de nourriture proposée (ce qui est toujours un avantage), en particulier à Piccadilly Gardens. D'autres magasins vendaient de petites marchandises, comme des bijoux. Les vendeurs vendant des marchandises sur les marchés étaient tous très sympathiques et reconnaissants de notre coutume. Le fait qu'il y avait tellement de nourriture proposée ici m'a en fait amené à annuler ma réservation de restaurant pour plus tard dans la soirée - j'espère que cela vous donne une bonne idée de la quantité de nourriture proposée! En termes d'inconvénients, je dirais que tous les emplacements pour les étals du marché sont un peu trop dispersés. En tant que personne qui n'est pas de Manchester, je n'ai vraiment pu voir que les étals du marché de Piccadilly Gardens et pas les autres en raison des contraintes de temps, ce qui était ennuyeux. De plus, certains étals du marché, en particulier ceux qui vendaient de la nourriture, étaient un peu chers, alors gardez cela à l'esprit. Malgré cela, si vous connaissez bien la région et que vous planifiez bien votre temps, vous pourrez probablement visiter la plupart des lieux. Dans l'ensemble, j'ai été satisfait de ma visite aux marchés de Noël de Manchester et je recommanderais une visite si vous êtes dans la région. Je vous recommanderais particulièrement d'y aller le soir car visiter les marchés quand il fait noir dehors est plus atmosphérique et plus Noël !

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Sheffield51 contributions
déc. 2021 • En famille
We’d heard bad things before going but hoped people were just being negative but unfortunately this was the most disappointing Christmas market ever. No Christmassy feel too it and it was split across far too many areas. Most of the stalls were just food so once you’d eaten there were very few stalls to look at. Family area was equally as bad and pointless.

Was way better a few years ago with the majority of the stalls in front of the town hall. Shame as after lockdown last year we were hoping it would be back with a bang! Disappointingly would be hesitant to go back.
Écrit le 9 janvier 2022
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ekn k
Ankara, Turquie58 contributions
déc. 2021 • En famille
Noel pazarlarını gezmeyi çok seviyorum ama bence en kötüsü Manchesterdı. Aynı şeyler yayılmış şekildeydi ve küçüktü
Écrit le 4 janvier 2022
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Matthew J
Warrington, UK240 contributions
déc. 2021
I visited the Manchester Christmas Markets a couple of days ago. I have visited the Markets previously (in 2018) and I enjoyed them then, so I decided to return.

My overall experience was pretty good. I have looked at this TripAdvisor page and I am slightly confused about the swathe of negative reviews. Whilst they are no means the same calibre as the German Christmas Markets, they were varied and really got me into the Christmas spirit. There is an awful lot of food on offer (which is always a plus) particularly at Piccadilly Gardens. Other stores were selling small wares, such as jewellery. The vendors selling goods at the markets were all really friendly and grateful for our custom.

The fact that there was so much food on offer here actually led me to cancel my restaurant reservation for later that evening - hopefully that gives you a good idea of how much food was on offer!

In terms of disadvantages, I would say that all the locations for the market stalls are a little bit too spread out. As someone who isn't from Manchester, I only really got to see the market stalls at Piccadilly Gardens and not the other ones due to time limitations, which was annoying. Also, some of the market stalls, particularly the ones selling food were a little expensive, so please bear this in mind.

In spite of this, if you are familiar with the area and you plan your time well, you can probably get round to seeing most of the locations.

Overall, I was pleased with my visit to Manchester Christmas Markets and I would recommend a visit if you are in the area. I would especially recommend you going in the evening as visiting the markets when it's dark outside feels more atmospheric and more Christmassy!
Écrit le 24 décembre 2021
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Ann C
Nashville, TN2 555 contributions
déc. 2021
The markets are a series of 7, some connecting. There is Piccadilly, Cathedral Gardens, Exchange Square, New Cathedral Street, Saint Ann's Square, Kind street and Market Street. Very commercialized.

Not even close in comparison to the Christmas markets in Germany. A lot of processed candy, plastic...even yard furniture. There were similar food stalls in a few of the markets, not much in the way of authentic.

Our favorite place to eat was in Piccadilly, it was called Rita's rein. It was delicious, well priced, excellent customer service and not cookie cutter frozen processed sausages. It was Afro/Caribbean food. The goat was amazing!

We drove out of our way to visit. We left feeling disappointed.
Écrit le 17 décembre 2021
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Manchester, UK40 contributions
déc. 2021 • En couple
After having missed out on this last year due to another lockdown, we were determined to make the effort this year.
I was a little disappointed however, to see many stall holders just looking positively bored or scrolling through their phones while customers were standing right in front of them. The best one was the young lady selling jewellery and pocket watches who actually said “I’m closing shortly. Are you going to buy anything?”
Need I say anymore?
I am glad, however that we bought some amazing brownies from another lovely young lady. Perhaps she could pass on her customer service skills.
I think I may need to look to another city for some much needed Christmas spirit next year, rather than the city I have been proud of.
Écrit le 16 décembre 2021
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Guildford, UK847 contributions
déc. 2021
The markets here this year really are totally dependent on where you go.
Piccadilly Gardens is solely food and drink bars/restaurant stalls, nothing else at all.
If you want a mixture of food and drink but also stalls selling goods, head to St Ann’s square and the streets near there, where you will find a much more mixed and better experience all round!
Écrit le 16 décembre 2021
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Jo W
5 contributions
déc. 2021 • En famille
I was fearing the worst after reading other reviews but we really enjoyed exploring Manchester Christmas markets this year. There were plenty of different stalls to enjoy. Cardiff Christmas market is tiny in comparison. Okay, one or two were repeated but there was still plenty of different stalls selling their wares. We liked them being spread across different areas. It gave you chance to sight see and collect your thoughts between each area. There were different foreign food stalls also, other than the bratwurst stalls, which was good. It wasn't horrendously busy day or night, although we weren't there on a weekend. We didn't think they were too expensive either, as Christmas markets go. Actually, one or two stalls were selling their goods cheaper than I'd seen online before going. My daughter and I went during storm Barra and still had a good time. We would highly recommend a trip here.
Écrit le 10 décembre 2021
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2 contributions
déc. 2021 • En couple
I bought a halloumi pitta at EAT GRK on Kings Street and was overcharged when using my card. The pitta costs £8,50, but they charged me £24,50. I obviously do not recommend a place where thay steal from costumers.
Écrit le 7 décembre 2021
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Kate W
8 contributions
déc. 2021 • En couple
I've been a regular at the Christmas market for about 15 years and always look forward to it. As it was cancelled in 2020, I was especially pleased to see its return in 2021. However, this year's offering was largely a massive letdown.
There were very, very few traders from continental Europe. So the items I like buying - cheeses, biscuits, gingerbread, cakes, sweets, smoked garlic and other delights from France, Germany and the Netherlands - were largely missing.
There were also very few 'craft' producers or other unusual stalls.
The whole market set up this year is basically just food and drink. Which would be fine... If most of it were good. Only most of it isn't good; a lot is overpriced, mass produced and poor quality.
The whole thing was just massively disappointing.
Why is this? I'm sure covid plays a part - testing, travel restrictions and an uncertain winter season won't have helped. Possibly Brexit too. And not having access to Albert Square (because of renovations at the Town Hall) means the markets are all spread out with no real centre beyond the utterly miserable Piccadilly Gardens.
However, Christmas markets in other towns and cities (for example, Chester) have been good this year, as have smaller markets (for example, the Lowry outlet). Both have been filled with great, local, traders. So I can only assume it's just not worth the while of smaller businesses to take part in the Manchester market this year - perhaps because of the cost, perhaps because of other reasons. Whatever the case, others have shown that in the post-Brexit, covid era great markets ARE possible.
In short - if you're in town for another reason then it's nice to have a look around. It's not terrible - just disappointing. However, if you're thinking of travelling to Manchester specially, then don't; try Chester instead.
And if anyone from Manchester City Council reads this: you REALLY need to up the game for 2022 otherwise you'll lose me and many others to better markets elsewhere in the region.
Écrit le 5 décembre 2021
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.

Manchester, UK22 contributions
déc. 2021 • Entre amis
Mostly food and drink - very little selection of meats, cheese, smoked garlic etc. The picadilly gardens site IS ONLY food and drink.
Écrit le 3 décembre 2021
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