The Village Shops at Down A Country Road

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The Village Shops at Down A Country Road

The Village Shops at Down A Country Road
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34 avis
Très bon

Frankfort6 contributions
$5 for brochure/map!!! Outrageous
juin 2021 • En couple
Place was nice. Overpriced. The outrage was that I asked if they had a map of amish stores and bakeries, and they tried to sell me a map for $5! She said they were very expensive to make.

I didn’t buy it because it looked just like an inexpensive brochure so I felt $1-$2 would have been adequate

It also indicated to me that the owners here don’t really care if I visit the Amish community.

Écrit le 19 juin 2021
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54 contributions
sept. 2020 • En couple
We had a lovely day in the area..doing a loop including cheese shops, gift shops, and ending at the Gays Mills apple orchards. It was Down a Country Road shops that brought us to the area. These are cute and I enjoyed shopping. The only disappointment was the lack of masks by staff. I understand about medical conditions that prevent mask wearing, however, for customer's safety, I would think plexiglass by the register should be installed or clerks should wear shields or a mask only during the checkout process. I am very covid conscious and chose not to buy because of this. Perhaps it does not bother other people and they will enjoy this cute stop.
Écrit le 18 septembre 2020
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Manitowoc, WI435 contributions
Nice but not what we expected
sept. 2020
This was not what we expected. We were trying to tour Amish businesses, and thought that this was one. It was a cute site with several small cottage sized shop with items for sale and ice cream. We had hoped for locally made Amish gifts to purchase, but they had very little of these to offer. We did purchase a map here which listed several Amish businesses in the area. The map does not show the businesses on the map, so you really have to have the time to scan the map for street names.
Écrit le 13 septembre 2020
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.

Carol B
Oxford, Caroline du Nord15 contributions
juin 2020
Not worth the trip there! Disappointed, for sure. Not sure if it is Amish merchandise. Over priced.
We drove down from Phillips WI. Quite a route. But totally disappointed in the Cashton area.
Écrit le 5 juillet 2020
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Sandi J
1 contribution
Sweet place
oct. 2019
My husband and I went to visit Down A Country Road this fall , in October 2019..we met the owner , I believe her name is Jean? She was very friendly and helpful ...all the shops are so colorful and sweet . The country setting is so lovely...we probably spent 50.00 on merchandise.....some things are made by vendors and the Amish...very nice things and reasonably priced...a nice get a way ...My grandparents used to live in the valley outside of Wilton so it was all the more special to visit Down A country Road..the area up there is very scenic....loved every minute of it. The outhose is nice winks.
Écrit le 14 octobre 2019
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.
Thanks for visiting! I remember you distinctly, as you showed me pictures and videos of your a Grandparents farm. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit! Kathy ( but you were close... Jean is my very dear friend... lol! ) We hope you will visit again when you are in the area!
Écrit le 15 octobre 2019
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Portage, WI1 173 contributions
Just happened to be passing by !!!
oct. 2019 • En couple
This is a very neat little place. It has a few little buildings filled with a lot of things. Very friendly staff.
Écrit le 13 octobre 2019
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Thanks so much for stopping. Glad you enjoyed your visit! Kathy & Chuck
Écrit le 14 octobre 2019
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Barbara O
Green Bay75 contributions
Fun adventure to different area of Wi
sept. 2019
Fun and beautiful ride to the driftless area of the state on a fall day. Had read about the place on Only in Wiscosnin site. Not disappointed that shops where really quaint and different. Differently not an Amish general store but still worth the visit. Even though the lunch recommendation for Bobby John not followed but I am sure it would have been tasty. Worth another visit to this side of Wi
Écrit le 6 octobre 2019
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.
Thanks so much for visiting us, and our part of the State! Glad you had an enjoyable time! Kathy & Chuck
Écrit le 8 octobre 2019
Cette réponse est l'opinion subjective du gérant et non de TripAdvisor LLC.

13 contributions
Nice grounds Country Road
sept. 2019 • En couple
The colorful cabins contain gift items and the grounds are worth seeing. But some of the items seem to have been there for a while and other than the candy, cookie cutters,bowls and rugs, not so much of what I expected to see of Amish crafts.
I had to insist on a bag for what I bought, made to feel guilty for using my credit card,and dismayed that I didn't purchase an Amish map when I inquiring about their locale.just go back to cty Rd D.
Beautiful and huge selection of lower priced rugs (50%) and hand sewen quilts in an Amish homestead's gift shop not far from this place,vegetables at another,and so on.after the Amish bakery, turn left on P toward Ontario while driving in a beautiful Kickapoo preserve. In Ontario, the Amish Walmart...Google it before you go.
Écrit le 30 septembre 2019
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.
Thank you for visiting and your kind words about our grounds. I am not exactly sure what you mean about not having many Amish made goods. We always have at least one beautiful King or Queen Quilt on display, a Table and chairs, two bent hickory rocking chairs, a bent hickory coffee table and end table, a beautiful armour, another storage cabinet, several other end tables, coffee tables, shelving units, sofa table, jewelry chest, full length mirror, many, many rugs ( yes priced more than you find at the Amish...because we have expenses that the Amish do not, and most profits from Amish made products go back to the Amish to pay for medical bills), hot pads, table runners, woven runners, several different kinds of woven baskets, wooden bowls, wooden collapsible baskets,cookie cutters,cutting boards, towels, place mats, cloth center pieces, wooden spoons, jams, jellies,maple syrup, honey products, home made noodles, home made candies, popcorn products, wooden toys, children's furniture ( toy chest, high chair, youth chair, table and chairs, small bench), hand made greeting cards and more. It is very, very obvious that you have no clue what products are and are not made by the Amish ...and to say that we have very few items made by the Amish is such a dis credit to my business. When you say you had to insist on a bag for your products...we are only trying to limit the consumption of bags if it is not necessary, or if the purchase is extremely small or one or two small items.Bags are an expense, and We feel that we are being as earth friendly and conscious of that as possible, while still providing the service of bags for significant purchases. As for credit card charges...I do not think we have ever made anyone feel guilty for using their credit card...but Yes, this is an extremely big expense for a small business like us. While we do ask for a small $1.00 convenience fee, it normally costs us much more than that for the fees we pay. It is much cheaper than going into town to the ATM. When you go direct to the Amish you do not have the convenience of using a credit card,nor do you have the convenience of using a flush toilet, having electricity to see the products, have a bit of music playing in the background, having the opportunity to sit in an air conditioned ice cream shop on a hot day, or other ammenities that cost money. As for the map of Amish country... and me telling you where you could go to see the Amish. First of all, our gift shops were built by the Amish, and I work with about 45 Amish families who don't care to have the public come to their farms.Please understand that out of loyalty to the families I work for, I am not here to tell you exactly where to go to buy other products, however we do have the map that we spent a lot of money to have printed, that we sell for $5.00 or give to people who spend a significant amount of money at our gift shops. That map is not sponsored by a Chamber of Commerce or the Amish or anyone else. My husband and I had that map printed so that we would have it available to folks who want some extra guidance as they visit the Amish community. Keep in mind that I have folks from all over the world that visit us, and if I have someone from a foreign country that wants to see a bit of Amish country, and they need a map ( GPS will not work in many of the valleys of the Driftless Area), we are able to provide that map for a small fee. Unfortunately, I am not the chamber of commerce or a paid visitor center, so the cost of those maps come directly out of my small earnings. While we gladly offer it for sale, or as I said give it with a significant purchase, I cannot possibly provide it to every person that comes in and asks for a detailed map of where they can go to see the Amish. My typical answer, if someone does not want to purchase the map is that " The Amish community is mostly to the south and east of us ( as I point in that direction) and you will need to get off on the back roads, such as Cty Rd. D, Oneida, Hoff Valley, etc. What more do you want from me? Now, while I feel I am a very, very friendly and professional person who has been in business for many years,and deals with thousands of tourists every year that I invite to my small farm, am an author and a public speaker, I do have to state my real feelings, as my feelings have been hurt just one too many times. While I know this is probably not "politically correct", I, as a 25 year business owner have decided that I really am all done with always thinking the old mentality that "the customer is always right" and I have decided to stand up for myself by saying it like it is; I am not sure why people such as yourself feel the need to write a review at all, let alone bash a small business, but I hope it makes you feel better, as it has made me feel just a bit better by putting you in your place. Kathy
Écrit le 1 octobre 2019
Cette réponse est l'opinion subjective du gérant et non de TripAdvisor LLC.

Janesville, WI41 contributions
Not what I expected
sept. 2019 • Entre amis
I hate to write a subpar review...because this is a very cute, colorful gift shop. The owner was very friendly and welcoming. The property is absolutely beautiful. However, it really was not what I expected. From what I read online, I expected mostly Amish creations which were reasonably priced. It was more of a gift shop with a few items which were from the local Amish (quite a mark up), and mostly gift shop mass produced items. We didn’t spend much time here, and drove quite a ways to come here.

On my way, I read the other reviews which stated there were Amish homes in the area who welcomed people to their homes to look at their handmade creations. Now THIS is what I was looking for! Rugs, wooden items, baskets, candies, and quilts for 1/2 of the price in stores and at Cranberry Fest. The Amish families we met were very kind.

So, in hindsight....I wouldn’t make the trip just to go here, however, if I was in the area OR if I wanted to stop at some Amish homes and these shops I would make it a combined trip!
Écrit le 29 septembre 2019
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.
Thank you for visiting...and yes, we are just one little stop in a beautiful part of Wisconsin! Over the years we have diversified our product line,( and changed our marketing strategy/name to become the Village Shops at Down A Country the heart of Amish Country, which is exactly what the sign at the end of our driveway says) and as more and more Amish families opened shops of their own, there is really not a need for us to over indulge in Amish made products at our shops.We continue to carry Amish products ( now after 25 years of serving the Amish), so that those who want a taste of Amish country without going to the Amish directly can find those products easily, with the convenience of being able to shop in one location, and use a credit card if need be. If you had taken the time to really learn our story, you would understand that the prices are as they are to donate profits to Amish families in the area for their medical bills. We are a very small business, and have expenses that the Amish do not incur... electricity, providing rest room facilities, marketing dollars ( to let people know about our business...but also the large Amish population that benefits from my marketing dollars),credit card fees, food licensing, website and a multitude of other expenses. We do however provide products from about 45 Amish families who do not wish to have contact with the "English", and as thus they very much appreciate the products we sell for them. We continue to do this, at a loss for us, but in order to help many families. Things are not always as they seem, and unless you know the details behind a business, I feel it is very unfair to bash a small business that tries so hard, day in and day out. My husband and I work 12-14 hours a day to keep up with the inventory, cleaning, correspondence, bookkeeping,grounds maintenance, marketing, and so much more. and in the end make very, very little money for ourselves. We make it very clear on our website that we are not all Amish products. If you did any research at all about coming to my business, you would have known that. Do you write reviews like this for every gift shop that you go to that does not have the exact product line you thought they might have before you walked in the door? I am so frustrated with the reviews that are similar to yours that I just want to curl up in a ball and cry, because I try so hard...but then I stop and remember that I am serving 45 Amish families and helping make their lives easier by the products I sell for them, and who cares what someone says about what they did or did not expect when they came to my small business. Sorry, sometimes I just have to say it like it is. You really should stop and think about who you are hurting when you write reviews like this... Kathy
Écrit le 30 septembre 2019
Cette réponse est l'opinion subjective du gérant et non de TripAdvisor LLC.

États-Unis706 contributions
Fun enclave of shops and pretty yard vignettes
mai 2019
We visited these shops on a quiet weekday before the influx of tourists to the area; it was downright chilly the May day we were there! I think there was only two other cars in the parking lot which really allowed us to enjoy our experience looking around both inside and out. We found some nice Amish-made products at what we thought were reasonable prices, and there were additional products great for gift giving as well as ones own use. My husband is from Lancaster Co., PA, where the Amish community is very extensive, and it is hard sometimes to find AUTHENTIC local Amish products so we appreciated this village of shops. People should realize the authentic Amish HANDMADE items are made by craftsmen; this it is not junk mass-made overseas so prices are going to reflect that. Also, this is not a non-profit business; a family is trying to make a living. Yes, you might be able to find things for less if you want to spend gas money and time driving around the countryside, but, honestly, we drove around the countryside and didn't see anything for sale from a private farm like the items sold here. The Amish people don't care for publicity, and I am sure many of them are much happier having their items sold for them as opposed to tourists showing up at their door. We bought some very nice baskets which had the name of the artist on the bottom, and the prices were most reasonable. If you want to buy only local Amish products, you can ask to see those specifically. We also found the owners very helpful in giving us information about the area and suggesting routes we could take to see some nice scenery. With a certain amount of money spent, they also include a nice free map of the area with lots of specific landmarks. We enjoyed our time here.
Écrit le 16 septembre 2019
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.
Thank you so much for the beautiful review of our business. We appreciate it so much! We are so glad you enjoyed your visit here to the gift shops, found some reasonable priced items and had a great time visiting the area! It is reviews like this that reaffirm to us that what we try so hard to do is appreciated. Thank you again!
Écrit le 30 septembre 2019
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