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Haena Beach Trail
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Boston, MA104 contributions
avr. 2022
5 star trail to a beautiful, calm bay with so so many turtles.

This place is magical. let's talk about the trail first. It takes roughly 1.5 hours one way. The place is very rainy, at least in April. So after a whole night rain, the ground is so muddy. BUT the trail is so beautiful. The rain forest, the air, the breeze. You can occasionally take a peak of the ocean, if you see ocean, you know you are close to the end. The waves are so strong.

The turtle bay. It is literally a bay. You can snorkel there. We arrived there around 2pm, the wave is picking up, but the bay is protecting the water. so the water is relatively calm. You can feel the mixture of the cold and hot water in the ocean. So amazing. And there are so many turtles, the most turtle at one location I have seen in my life.
Écrit le 18 avril 2022
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Ryan S
San Francisco, Californie333 contributions
oct. 2021
Well as some other reviewers noted, yes, it felt like the longest 2.5 mi (each way) trail I've ever done. It wasn't even wet weather, but most of the time you are stepping on rocks or exposed tree roots, or anything like a twig or stone, to try to stay out of the mud. It was about 2 miles of mud holes you have to navigate around. Each footfall has to be carefully placed, you don't get much opportunity to look up and out at the jungle. it's a serious jungle. Fruits have fallen off the trees into the trail and they are all decaying and covered with fruit flies. I didn't experience any mosquitos or troublesome insects, but there were lots of inconsequential fruit flies. You are under the jungle canopy for 3/4 or more of the time, where it's not in the full sun, but it is extremely warm, humid, muggy, with the smell of tropical mudholes, decaying fruits, and decaying vegetation. It's a true jungle experience. What I was missing was a chance to relax and enjoy the walk, because the walking (foot placements) is so much darned work. It was also hard to not twist an ankle because of the sheer quantity of rocks you're negotiating for all those miles, you're bound to have a couple of missteps that are jarring at least. I was lucky not to actually twist anything.
Finally you reach a drier, less muddy section and you can hear the ocean more intensely...means you're nearing the beach. It was a pleasant looking beach, plenty of area to go in the water without any wave exposure risks, but I didn't go in....just sat and rested for 15 minutes, all the while thinking about what I still had to do which was to go over that same 2.5 miles of difficulty on the way back! Some folks navigated along the ocean cliff on the way back and connected by jeep trail back nearer the parking area, to get back to the parking area, but it sounds like the rocks were slick. I might have given it a try, to avoid re-doing the entire jungle section. Maybe next time, if there is a next time. I guess once you're done and you know what you're dealing with, the next time starts to sound like a known thing and not so bad. Anyway, it's an experience. Tips: bring 2x as much water as you think you need (I didn't bring enough) because it is a lot more taxing and hot and humid than you expected, bring a snack (I didn't) because it takes longer than you expected, bring a picnic if you can manage to carry it along the trail (!!), allow about 3 hours in total (so don't start out any later than 2-2:30pm), wear very good hiking type shoes not any kind of flip flop or sandals, and be sure the shoes can get muddy on the lower edges without permanent damage (that is, can be effectively washed off later). I don't suggest the trail for dogs (a total muddy mess awaits you), children below 10 years, or anyone with tricky leg or ankle problems, or anyone with mobility/balance issues in general that would make rock hopping difficult. Oh, and bring a disposable like paper shopping bag in your car that you can put the muddy shoes in upon return to car, and bring a spare pair of shoes to change into.
It would be good to first Google the trail and you'll learn it was a road in the old days for Hawaiians, the some kind of highway, then abandoned back to the jungle. It explains why most of it is as straight as an arrow (meaning you can often see far ahead, which is also annoying because all you can see is another 500 feet of mudholes you'll have to jump around). But with all that said, ENJOY!
Écrit le 11 octobre 2021
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New York, État de New York768 contributions
avr. 2021
Excellent trail that takes a little over an hour because of the mud along the way. At the end you'll find a secluded beach where a TON of turtles love to come and rest/bake in the sun. Such an amazing site to see!
Écrit le 5 mai 2021
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Leslie H
Portland, OR6 contributions
nov. 2020
I did not heed previous reviews about trail conditions and paid the price. I made this hike after a heavy overnight rainfall and the trail -- nearly all shaded by dense tree growth -- was nearly all mud and puddles and mosquitos. It began to feel like I was on the Bataan Death March. I tried the shore trail halfway through and while more pleasant (breezes, no bugs, no mud) it was extremely slow going because in many spots you have to pick your way over small unsteady lava rock. Longest 2.5 hike of my life. I actually cut short my beach time because I knew what waited for me on the hike back and I wanted to get it over with.
I cannot state strongly enough how brutal this trail is after rain and I say that as a veteran Oregon hiker! Avoid it after rains and wear sturdy, tight-fitting shoes.

All that said, the beach is amazing. It was deserted on the weekday I was there and brimming with green sea turtles everywhere!

Not idea for families with young kids. No restrooms, no water. No trash cans. Lots of bugs.
Écrit le 2 décembre 2020
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Heidi M
Anchorage, AK45 contributions
mars 2019 • Entre amis
We were a mixed group from 8 to 72. Took us about 2 hrs each way. We all made it! The trail is a bit challenging because you really have to watch your step. It’s not a trail you can meander down and enjoying the scenery. Lots of stinky mud pits to navigate around.
The beach is lovely with fresh water springs bubbling up through the sand. We were there just after low tide and the water was nice! We saw loads of Honu - big ones too.
Look up the history of the Shipman family before you go.
Écrit le 10 mars 2019
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Sacramento, California118 contributions
mai 2018 • En couple
This hike is flat, but much of it is through mud and across volcanic rock. Definitely wear real shoes with thick soles and not flip-flops or water shoes. The start takes you through the rainforest and deposits you out onto volcanic bluffs with waves crashing into them. At this point in the hike, you have picturesque views up and down the coast with the green forest rising above the black rock and blue surf. Before reaching Haena Beach, you'll likely have to ford a pond or two. The beach itself is pretty small and too rough to swim in, and you can't explore much right there are it's directly bordered by a private resort
Écrit le 31 janvier 2019
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Suzanne D
219 contributions
déc. 2018 • En couple
Puna trail to Haena Beach and then back along the coast....
To get to the parking lot take Paradise Rd down to the second to last road before the coast and turn left. Follow that to the parking lot.
At the trail head sign !drop a pin! and then go forward (not to the right) to do the Puna Trail. It can be extremely muddy in a lot of places, ankle deep mud at least, causing you to tip toe across logs and stones or attempt to scamper along the ridge of the trail holding onto branches. Bring bug repellant!
At exactly 2.5 miles you hit the beach.
The beach is beautiful, especially if you curve out to the right onto the rocks. There is a parking lot here too.
We then took the coast trail back. And by trail I mean we climbed along the rocks for a couple hours. Advanced hikers only. Hiking boots! If it’s raining I would not recommend it. The rocks get sooooo slick. The ones in the spray of the water were hard to even walk slowly across. Slanted ones would have you sliding towards the water. It’s a tough hike. More like a vertical climb at times. Watch for plastic pink ribbon ties along the trees for a couple inland reprieves from the rocks. But those could be muddy too. Around the 2mile point on the way back there will be a path back to the parking lot. This is where your dropped pin will come in super handy.
Écrit le 16 décembre 2018
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Keaau, Hawaï2 contributions
août 2018 • En couple
If you are staying locally this is a long muddy hike with most of the view blocked by dense overgrowth and slippery sharp terrain, but it does usually have some sand in low tide with some areas to swim that might be worth the treck (if you like frigid stream water mixed with cold ocean water). There are hazards swimming here and usually a few tourists a year get lost to the ocean, getting sucked out of the protected area. Unless you are in shape and have nothing better to do; go over to Kona side for beaches. Many people turn around at about 2 miles and never find the beach.
Écrit le 27 août 2018
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Blake W
Colorado8 contributions
juil. 2018 • Entre amis
We hiked what seemed like forever, but was only maybe an hour and a half to reach the beach from the parking lot. When we finally made it, the view was spectacular. The water was really clear and just cold enough to cool you off after a long hike.
Écrit le 9 juillet 2018
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Bornheim, Allemagne6 contributions
juil. 2018 • En couple
Wir waren eine gute Stunde pro Strecke unterwegs. Der Weg war matschig und teilweise etwas rutschig. Man darf kein Problem mit schmutzigen Schuhe haben. Am Parkplatz steht einem Schild mit Öffnungszeiten: 8am - 5 pm. Aber auch nach 5 pm war das Tor noch offen.
Wir haben einen Babyschildkröte direkt vor uns gesehen.
Écrit le 8 juillet 2018
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